Some Reviews of
The Before and After Trade Card


 Dave Cheadle in The Advertising Trade Card Quarterly writes: "The Before and After Trade Card is a delightful examination of over 230 intriguing trade cards depicting 'both a problem and its solution obtained by using the advertised product.' In concise, straightforward language, TCCA member Ben Crane builds a case for viewing many of the cards in our collections in a fresh, provocative way."

Cheadle continues: "This reference work is a must for collectors of metamorphic, hold-to-light, mechanical, and novelty cards, but the scope and value of the work goes far beyond providing the best illustrated list of such cards available...Even more importantly, The Before and After Trade Card teaches us to look at all of our cards with an eye for subtle 'with' and 'without' claims that were designed to prompt Victorian consumers into making 'life-changing' purchases."

Susan Brown Nicholson in PostCard Collector writes: "The cards are depicted in high quality graphics nearly full size...Since most of the illustrations are of a humorous nature, the book is entertaining, even if you do not collect trade cards. It will open the eyes of many ephemera collectors to the vast variety of material that was produced in the late 1800s and into the turn of the century...A must buy book."

Ada Fitzsimmons in Paper Pile Quarterly writes: "I was fascinated by the ingenuity of these 19th century advertising techniques. This before and after idea was a visual wonder..."

Fitzsimmons continues: "...this book has interest and appeal for more than collectors of trade cards. These cards collected by the author over 30 years testify to the diversity of the trade card, Is it any wonder the trade card is becoming very important today?"

See, also, Maine Antique Digest for a review that is currently on-line in addition to having been published in the printed version of M.A.D.

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