Punch and Judy

The Punch and Judy card is not out-and-out rare, but doesn't turn up quite as often as, say, the Speaking Dog or Trick Pony cards.

The example shown here is a distributor's card. A toy bank distributor, or wholesaler, was a middleman from whom retail dealers could acquire banks for resale. In the case of the Punch and Judy card, the distributor, Selchow & Righter, chose to leave the advertiser's panel at the bottom of the front blank, while adding the reverse imprint shown here.

The Punch and Judy card, like the Humpty Dumpty card, was printed and issued by the Courier Lith. Co. of Buffalo in 1884. It is shown here at 85 percent of full size. The reverse is shown at 60 percent of full size and rotated 90 degrees.